The Vermont Retreat

July 25-29, 2024 
  July 25-August 1  

Summertime in Northern Vermont is magical. The sky opens, the hills glow green, and the raspberries are ripe. It is a perfect time to drop into your inner being and explore the world of sacred meditation. We will create a safe container where all experiences are held and honored together.

We will offer participants the choice of either one or two sacred meditations. All participants will arrive on the land by Thursday, July 25th, by 3 pm. For those choosing one meditation, the retreat will conclude at Noon on Monday, July 29th and for those choosing to do two meditations, the retreat will conclude at Noon on Thursday, August 1.

Once you arrive on Thursday, July 25th afternoon, there will be time for you to settle, find your space, and walk the land before we meet for an evening meal. After dinner, we will circle up and connect to discuss intentions, review questions, and ensure you feel safe and comfortable about the experience and what to expect.

Friday offerings will include mindful meditation, somatic practices, yoga class, journaling, swimming, hiking, and silence in nature. Each participant is invited to spend 1:1 time with Wendy to review preparations and intentions and ask questions. We will prepare both our inner and outer sanctuary.  There will be time for self-reflection, connection, and play on the land, including swimming, hiking, resting, and relaxing. Sacred meditations will be held on Saturday with live music accompaniment. Before, during, and after, we will ensure you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire experience.

Following the sacred meditation, there will be a space to connect with a facilitator, rest, and relax in nature.  Embodied somatic practices such as grounding, resourcing, and active rest will be offered. Optional creative expression will be available through journaling, artmaking, movement, and dance. We will share a meal and then have an integration circle in the evening to process and share your experiences. We will end the day with a Yoga Nidra practice.

Sunday is a full day for integration, and you will have a few options. Because these experiences are often ineffable, each person will be encouraged to spend time with a facilitator to process what happened in their sacred meditation, review their intentions, and create a plan for ongoing integration.

Participants will also be provided with an Integration packet that they can use to guide their process through journal prompts, creative self-expression, somatic practices, and mindfulness.

We will have breakfast together on Monday morning and one last integration circle for participants leaving. For those doing a second meditation on Tuesday, the remainder of the day will be focused on intentions, connecting with facilitators, journal writing, creative expression, and embodied practices. We will offer a Sound Healing session on Monday evening to prepare for the next day.

Tuesday, July 30, will be our second sacred meditation day. The flow will be similar to Saturday: a light breakfast will be served, mindfulness, time in nature, and somatic practices will be followed by sacred meditation. After the meditation, the flow will be similar to Saturday, ending with a Yoga Nidra practice in the evening. Wednesday will be an integration day with options for yoga, nature, embodied practices, mindfulness, creative self-expression, and journaling. Participants will be encouraged to meet 1:1 with a facilitator to deepen the integration process.

Thursday, August 1, participants will have breakfast, a mindfulness practice, and a last Integration Circle. All participants will receive an Integration Packet to continue harvesting and learning from their sacred meditation. Wendy will be available for ongoing integration.


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