Nature and the Unknown

Cicadas, I have learned, need four years in the dark, underground, feeding on roots, growing slowly, waiting for the right moment to emerge. Seems to me, as humans, we have something to learn from these small colorful creatures. How often are we tempted to push ourselves to the next level, when what is really being called for is settling in to nourishing ourselves from our roots?

As humans, we are part of the natural cycles and rhythms of the earth. We are not separate from nature, yet we often inhabit our lives as if this was not true. We rush and push forward because we get afraid when we don’t know what’s going to happen next. What if you could tap into your sense of rootedness? How would it feel to develop a deep sense of connection through your body, by planting your feet firmly on the earth? How might this help you be in this place of not knowing without panicking.

Nature provides us with endless opportunities for living in the present moment. It all happens right now, and then it’s gone. This rootedness, this sense of emergence allows us to inhabit the moment and to live into the answers with less of a need to know and greater trust.

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