Trauma Healing II-Focus on Sensori-Motor Psychotherapy

July 12-14, 2024

In this module, you will learn the basics of Sensori-Motor Psychotherapy and Pat Ogden’s three phase model for trauma resolution. You will learn how to help clients move through activated states by employing somatic resources in the moment through shifting posture, breathing patterns, and movement. Techniques drawn from the Dance-Movement Therapy field will also be included to help clients resolve trauma, shift cognitive distortions and experience feeling safe, alive, and expressive in the body.

“Wendy is deeply invested in this work, her expertise in the material is so well presented in her pedagogoy. The quality of the content is superb, we need more practitioners learning this work.” — Ineria D. Performance Artist and MFT

Somatic Skills

Body Reading.
Oscillation between narrative and the body.
Focusing Sensation.
Directed Mindfulness.
Neuroception and Shame
Creating New Patterns
Regulating Arousal
Discovering Resources
Using Movement to increase connection
Widening Window of Tolerance
Using different levels of information processing.
Accessing play action systems.
Increasing capacity for pleasurable sensations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify how to connect emotions to the body.
  2. Describe how early attachment patterns are held in the body and can change.
  3. Explain how to help clients shift attention from danger to safety.
  4. Demonstrate how to oscillate between narrative and the body in a counseling session.
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