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Online Somatic Psychotherapy Consultation

Do you need support making somatic interventions with clients?

What about moving from collapse to empowerment? From freeze to mobility?

Do you find clients can resource in the body, yet still have difficulty shifting their negative core beliefs?

How about refreshing your skills in uncoupling these patterns?

 Two online somatic psychotherapy consultation groups will be offered for three months on Zoom beginning in September. Each group will meet once a month for 2 hours. The minimum for the group is 4, and the maximum is 8. If the group wants to continue after November, that option will be available.

The purpose of these consultation groups is twofold; to receive somatic support, inspiration, practice, and ideas for fine-tuning your skills and to connect with other colleagues who want to do the same.

Time: 9-11 AM
Dates: September 9, October 14, November 11
Time: 9-11 AM
Dates: September 11, October 16, November 13

Somatic Consultation Groups are interactive and encourage participation. We work with case studies and explore how to integrate the body, movement, and touch into your sessions. We also attend to your nervous system and create space to discuss how to resource and stay self-regulated.

In-Person Somatic Psychotherapy Consultation

In-person somatic psychotherapy consultation groups are available, however, these are currently full. If you are interested in participating in person, please reach out, as spaces sometimes open. This somatic psychotherapy consultation group meets three times a year over a weekend.

As a SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) and BC-DMT (Board-certified dance-movement therapist) of 40 years, I bring a wealth of experience to our work, giving attention to your strengths, creativity, and somatic intuition.

Curious but still trying to figure it out? Please reach out with any questions at

Individual Somatic Psychotherapy Consultation
Wendy is available for individual consultation. To find out more, please contact her directly at or call 805-640-057


Online Consultation Groups / PP & Venmo options
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Payment Options
PAYMENT (Early Bird Registration closes August 22,2023)
This registration payment is for all three sessions, No refunds will be given if a session is missed. Maximum group number is 8 people

If you select Venmo as your payment option, you will be redirected to a “Venmo instructions” page after you complete your registration.


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