Somatic Psychedelic Preparation + Integration

If you are curious about the connection between psychedelics and the body, then you’ve come to the right place. The somatic frame is the perfect tool to embody and integrate psychedelic experiences fully.

There are many opportunities to experience the transformation of a psychedelic journey; however, the data shows that “set and setting,” and the preparation and integration  process contribute to the process of ongoing change after the Journey is complete.

Somatic psychedelic preparation and integration allows you to maximize the therapeutic benefits and minimize any harm or confusion from these experiences.

Taking a Journey is a month long ritual, not a one day experience. Preparation includes a holistic self-inventory along with daily practices and Integration happens over time and is an ongoing process that looks unique to each person.

Working from a somatic frame, we seek to support and bring into body consciousness the change that is taking place within you. We connect soma and  psyche by bringing curiosity to how the medicine journey experience has shifted your nervous system responses and given you a fresh framework for listening and responding to your body.

Psychedelic integration is a process of embodying, making sense, and putting into action the wisdom and insights gained after a psychedelic experience.

We do this through practices of embodied awareness, authentic movement, self-attunement, somatic resourcing, and deep listening.

Please reach out if you are curious to know more.

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