Depth Psychology And Somatics

July 19-21, 2024

During this module you will learn the basics of Jungian Dance-Movement Therapy and how the unconscious may be accessed from the body and used for healing purposes. Participants will learn the form of Authentic Movement and how this may be integrated into a session with clients. You will practice how to work with dreams using Gestalt Dance-Movement Therapy techniques and present moment somatic interventions. 

“This is a powerful workshop. I especially appreciate the relational skills and competency of the facilitation. Wendy is highly knowledgable and a great teacher, who made the experiential learning come alive.”

— Jackie B, LMFT, Gestalt Therapist

Somatic Skills

Using Polarities
Dream Body
Authentic Movement
Working with Shape
Body Dialogue
The Satisfaction Cycle

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the concepts of archetype, dream, shadow, and image.
  2. Explain how Authentic Movement may support emotional self regulation, healing, and integration.
  3. Demonstrate how Gestalt Dance-Movement Therapy techniques can be used in a counseling session.
  4. Identify how the unconscious is held in body posture and movement patterns.
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