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Moriah Stapf, MA, AMFT


I am a relational and somatic focused psychotherapist who sees life as an ongoing journey of returning to the wholeness of who we are. I see how the hardships and pressures one faces throughout life often lead us to become fractured and disconnected from our true selves and can lead to symptoms like depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and physical pain and illness. I am continuously learning ways to support myself and others heal through living in alignment with who we authentically are. I seek to support my clients in reigniting their inner light by finding more meaning and purpose in their lives. Personally and professionally, I find profound healing in deeply connecting to oneself, community, and to the natural world. I light up when cultivating meaningful relationships, exploring new places, eating delicious food, spending time in nature with my dog Kona, skiing with my family, creating art, and listening to music. 


I have a masters degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. I also have obtained certifications in Mind-Body Eating, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Equine-Assisted Therapy. I aim to be a continuous student – living with an open and curious mind and always looking to expand my knowledge and expertise in order to holistically support the unique needs of each of my clients. 


Continually amazed at the wisdom within one’s body, I work through a Somatic lens, turning to the body as the access point for healing experiences and negative core beliefs. This profound work leads individuals to uncover unconscious content, work through trauma, imagine new ways of relating, and feel more embodied and connected to themselves and the world around them. Through exploration, creativity, curiosity, and compassion, I co-create a healing space with my clients as their needs and unique stories help guide how the therapy process unfolds. I work with individuals and couples of all ages and demographics, although my experience primarily focuses on working with adolescents and young adults.


Along with providing individual and couples therapy both via telehealth or in-person in either Ojai or Malibu, CA; I am also offering a group, “Navigating Dating,” for female-identifying individuals of all ages seeking more clarity and confidence in their dating lives beginning April 8th. 

Please click below for more information about NAVIGATING DATING that begins April 8th.

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