Wendy Elliott teaches in an approachably fun and intelligent way. One gets the sense you are on a journey of discovery of important secret life lessons with an experienced, warm, and caring guide. I really enjoyed learning, practicing, and yes even being vulnerable with her presence of heart, mind, and soul.”

“This workshop helped me learn about somatic psychotherapy through a perfect blend of theory and experience. Being able to experience myself as more present and aware of my body allowed learning to resonate on a deeper level. I also liked the warm and caring group dynamic and frequency of workshops over the months to allow space and time for the material to settle in. The demonstrations (both participating and observing) allowed me to witness and really understand what you have been teaching us.”

“This is a powerful training. I especially appreciate the relational skills and competency of the facilitator. Wendy is highly knowledgeable and a great teacher who made the experiential learning come alive.”

“This is one of the best trainings I have ever taken. I felt supported and appreciated the integration of theory and experiential learning. I also appreciated the overall knowledge and experience Wendy offered.”

“I learned to not be afraid to bring a client into their body and how to identify and use the material that comes up from this process.”

“Wendy invited us intro creativity, play, and embodiment for a truly experiential learning experience. I was able to get into my body and open my heart in ways that freed up my practice of therapy and life.”

“The experiential learning process was contained, supportive, and safe. The inclusion of Dance-Movement Therapy and touch was timely and well supported.”

“Life changing, watching you and how you facilitate The Body Knows is life changing. I can better help myself so I will better help others.”

The perfect tempo and combination of content and processing/integration time. I can’t wait to use this in my work.”

“Absolutely amazing and powerful experience. Wendy is so talented in her work and I am so honored to have and share this healing space with her. I appreciate the way you eb and flow with such fluidity and grace. Your presence along is so grounding and therapeutic. You have a gift in the way you can energetically read the room. Thank you as the impact you are having in my life is a magical gift.”

“This is a training that gives many practical tools that can be immediately applied in my practice. Thank you.”

“Not only does Wendy effectively teach somatic psychotherapy skills that I now feel confident using as a clinician, she also allows for the personal integration of the material through the process of experiencing and reflecting.”

“Overall, an excellent fun, inspiring, growth provoking (professional and personal) affirming experience.”

“I learned so much content and so much depth. I love how it was presented and I felt extremely comfortable asking questions. I loved it all.”

“I really enjoyed this course. It is a big commitment-and I was grateful that was addressed when I signed up. I will refer colleagues to this course. “

“Super clear and extraordinary presentation of content.”

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