We live in a time of great uncertainty. As human beings in the 21st century, it’s imperative that we create rituals to provide meaning and structure to our ever changing lives. The many transitions we naturally experience can result in soul-loss, stuckness, and a deep sense of disconnection. However, many of life’s changes: break-ups, illness, death, birth, marriage, divorce, partnership, changing careers, moving, or even ending an addiction call for meaningful ritual. 

Ritual provides us with renewal and release. It is a daily practice and an event. Wendy works directly with you to create a ritual that is unique for you. The ritual you create is simple and do-able, infusing your life with meaning and purpose. 

Cultivating a ritual may involve simple practices such as making sacred intention, movement, meditation, being in nature or creative self-expression. Implementing a daily ritual will support the transition you are making. Creating this daily ritual culminates in a personal ceremony. Often occurring in the natural world, your personal ceremony is a return to your soul.

Personal ceremony may include people who you have invited to witness and hold you. Altar making, self-reflective writing, music making, and forms of creative self-expression are also invited into this sacred process. Creating a personal ceremony helps you to bring closure to experiences that otherwise may go underground. And, it helps you to embody a strong intention for what you want to manifest. As a result, you feel renewed, lighter and ready to take the next step forward in your life with confidence and self-trust.

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