Notes on Intuition

Intuition is a felt sense. When we are open, calm, and present.. intuition naturally comes in. We can cultivate the space of intuition by creating quiet, empty spaces to listen from within. This happens best when we allow ourselves to be receptive to earth energies, the yielding nature of gravity, the spaciousness of the sky above, the wind careesing our skin. In these moments our animal body is more aware of the information available to us moment to moment.

Often times we have a thought and wonder, is this intuition? a simple process of discernment usually happens through settling.

Generally speaking, intuition is not activating, your system neither goes into high alert or collapse.

To tune into intuition, take a moment and be quiet. Focus your attention inward and imagine your energy settling from the top to inside your center around solar plexus area. Imagine going inside here to a quiet and still place. Take a moment, take a breath. Ask yourself, “what am I aware of?” listen to what you hear.

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